Davis Cup coming to Boise

BOISE, Idaho - The city of trees is gearing up for one of the biggest tennis competitions in the world, The Davis Cup.

The quarter-final event will take place over 3 days starting April 5th at Taco Bell Arena.

The city of Boise says this could mean big money.

Thousands of out of town fans means a boost in business for hotels, restaurants and local stores.

On top of that, Boise Director of Economic Development John Brunelle says there is little expense to the city.

"We have the facility and we have a great city to show off and we definitely have local businesses and merchants that are eager and ready to host out of town visitors and people from the general area," said Brunelle.

One of those businesses is Overhead Smash. Doug Maude owns the tennis store and cant wait to see some big names in Boise.

"I'm extremely excited to see the Davis Cup come to town, it is a huge event," said Maude.

Maude hopes all the tennis buzz will get more people interested in the sport.

"Hopefully we will get more people playing tennis, more people excited about tennis and boost the tennis business and even the local economy with all the people that will be coming here for the weekend," said Maude.

Mayor Dave Bieter sent a letter in support of holding the event in Boise. But many credit BSU tennis coach Greg Patton for promoting Boise to US Tennis officials.
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