Daughter says lost father found through kindness of strangers

Jack Rogers, (Courtesy Tricia Flynn)

Tricia Flynn of Boise says her family now knows when her 72-year-old father Jack Rogers vanished late Christmas Day, it was because he ran into some serious trouble when he went target shooting near Pleasant Valley and Ten Mile Creek roads.

"What happened was he got out of his truck to put his target up and as he walking to set that up, he fell into a badger hole," said Flynn, "and he could not get out of the hole and as time goes on, he tells me he felt like he went to sleep, but I know they found him face down in the snow from the fall."

Rogers may have been that way for hours. He was reported missing and a search started around 6 am the day after Christmas, involving family, volunteers and Ada County deputies.

Hope began to fade as search parties combed the places Rogers frequented south of Boise and found...nothing.

But as all this was going on, Flynn says a miracle was taking place elsewhere.

Around two pm, a couple of strangers -- Flynn calls them good samaritans -- found Rogers face down in the snow near the Wild Horse Corrals south of Boise.

They called 911 and an overjoyed Flynn and her family got the good news.

"We've got him at the right spot in the hospital," she said. "They are doing everything they can to slowly bring his body temperature back up. Now we're watching him on a daily basis to see what long term affects have occurred from the prolonged cold."

Tricia hasn't met the good samaritans yet and admits she's struggling to find the right words to thank them for saving her dad's life.

"As a family, we're just so thankful for the extra time that we get to have with him because we thought the worst," Flynn said. "And knowing that we have more time to be with him in his lifetime, how do say thank you, that you're thankful for that to somebody who made that happen. It's unbelievable."

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