D & B Supply begins tree decorating for Festival, Meals on Wheels program

CBS 2 anchor Natalie Hurst proudly displays a tree she and her husband purchased last year at the Festival of Trees, supporting Meals on Wheels. (Photo: Natalie Hurst)

CALDWELL, Idaho (CBS2) - When Janet Allcott designs D & B Supply's annual Christmas tree for the Canyon County Festival of Trees, she pulls out all the stops.

CBS 2 recently caught up with Janet at D & B Supply's Caldwell store to see what this year's tree might look like at the Gala.

"Is that a tree topper?" CBS 2's Natalie Hurst asked her.

"Could be! You just never know where it's going to end up in our decorations - a lot of glitter, a lot of sparkle!" she said.

But ask any further... and Janet... isn't talking much!

She even tried hiding behind some of the holiday decor for our interview.

But we talked her into taking us to the store's home goods area, where she hinted that something on those shelves, might be under this year's D & B Supply tree.

"When you bid on the tree, you get everything that goes with the tree," Janet said. "The tree - and all the decorations!"

D & B Supply has a long history of donating to their local communities - and the Canyon County Festival of Trees is excited to have them as a partner for the Meals on Wheels program.

In fact, last year's donated D & B Supply tree was one of two that tied for the top amount ever brought in to the festival's Gala night - a whopping $8,000!

"I love the Canyon County Festival of Trees because it's the Ag capitol of the world," said D & B Supply president Mark Schmitt. "It's at the Idaho Center, which was built by a community effort between Nampa and the Snake River Stampede."

D & B Supply President Mark Schmitt said donating a pre-decorated tree to the festival is a natural fit with the company's mission to serve the Canyon County community.

The company got its start in Caldwell, in 1959.

"This is home," Schmitt said. "And when we started figuring out how we're going to invest more at home - and community support - the Canyon County Festival of Trees and Meals on Wheels was a pretty easy choice."

And that's why Janet, and so many D & B Supply employees, take decorating the company's tree so seriously.

100 percent of donations raised for each tree that's purchased Gala night funds the Meals on Wheels programs in Nampa and Caldwell.

"Those are kids' parents and grandparents - and for whatever reason - they're homebound," Schmitt said. "And they helped grow our tradition. They helped settle this valley - they're a part of our community, too."

So who will bring home the top tree at this year's Gala?

No one knows until Gala night, but one thing is for sure. D & B Supply, and especially Janet, are shooting to be the top star.

"And I would submit to you, for anybody that shows us this year, it'll be nothing short of amazing," Schmitt said. "I've got a few hints of what's in her mind and whatever's gonna come out and wind up on the floor, is gonna be so much more than I can even imagine."

The Canyon County Festival of Trees begins Friday, Nov. 23 and has activities for the whole family, with the event culminating Monday, Nov. 26 with the Gala Festival, where all of the donated trees will be sold.

For a link to the full schedule, ticket information and how you can help Meals on Wheels, serving both Nampa and Caldwell, click HERE.

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