Boise Bench family creates haunted backyard hoping to spark tradition

Zombie Babies will be seen. (KBOI Photo)

As pumpkins, tombstones, and witches take over streets, one family on the Boise Bench is putting the final touches on a spooky experience in their backyard hoping the whole neighborhood will come out and enjoy.

"They are few and far between on the bench, especially ones that are kid-created and (there’s) not a lot with zombie baby dolls,” mom of three, Amy Pence-Brown said. “I think it will be something unique and sort of fun. It's been a really great experience for my kids, who already love Halloween already."

Pence-Brown says on Halloween trick-or-treaters will be able to walk through an abandoned playground over-run by zombie babies. She says it's an idea her 12- and 8-year-old daughters came up with after seeing a neighbor's Halloween decorations last year.

"We had all of this play equipment in our backyard already, like a little climbing structure, a slide, wagons, and sandboxes for our kids, so we thought it would be fun to stage this haunted Halloween." Pence-Brown said.

The family spent all summer going to yard sales to find old baby dolls; and in the past few weeks, they've been busy painting them to look like zombies.

"I painted the face white and then I told my sister to make the red cheeks,” Alice described her favorite doll that she has painted. “I did the hair and then I tried to make a knife or something inside of her, and I made blood and stuff."

The family says anyone is welcome to come see the haunted experience on the corner of Columbus and Lemhi streets in Boise. They also plan to have a fire pit and hot apple cider stand set up by the neighborhood's free pink little library.

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