Gearing up for the Holidays, Nampa sets up the city tree

City of Nampa Christmas Tree.JPG

The City of Nampa had their Christmas Tree delivered today.

Workers from Qualitree Inc. began preparing early this morning to carefully remove and transport the massive 6,500-pound tree into town.

The Wheeler family from Nampa donated the tree this year.

"We wanted to give it to the city and dedicate it to the passing of my mother Linda Wheeler, who passed away last March," said Joe Wheeler.

A heart attack claimed Linda's life at the age of 74.

"She made Christmas so wonderful, not only for our family but for everyone that she knew,” says Joe, “so, we're thinking a lot about her this time of year and just wanted to give it in her memory."

The city looks for tree donations every year and they know how meaningful it can be to the donors.

"When people donate a tree, they're donating a part of themselves...they’re telling a great story of family roots, and they're honoring Linda Wheeler, and I think it's a fantastic way to celebrate community, it pulls everyone together," said Vickie Holbrook, Communications Director for Nampa.

The tree has a new location this year, it's in the middle of 12th Street, just in front of the Nampa Train Depot Museum.

"We were fortunate to be able to create this new location from an anonymous donation from someone who thought it was important to celebrate the spirit of Christmas," said Holbrook.

The City of Nampa Parks and Recreation Department will begin decorating it as early as today.

A tree lighting ceremony will be on Saturday, November 25th at 5:30 pm.

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