City of Boise releases results from proposed sports park open houses

Artist's rendering of the proposed sports park. Courtesy City of Boise.

Boise city officials have released their results from three public open houses, including responses received by in-person comment, email, or traditional mail regarding the proposed downtown Boise sports park.

The city says it received a total of 906 responses.

Of those, the city says 687, or 76 percent, responded positively to the proposal. 201, or 22 percent, responded negatively, and 18 were neutral.

The city says the most common reasons people support the project include opportunities for professional and youth soccer, the downtown location being a plus, access to bike and pedestrians as well as cars, and that the venue would also support concerts and other events.

Officials say the most common reasons people were against the proposal included parking and traffic concerns, noise and light pollution, opposition to public financing of stadiums, bad location, and concerns that the issue should be included as a ballot issue.

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