City of Boise is asking people to avoid using muddy foothill trails

    Photo courtesy City of Boise

    The City of Boise is asking hikers and bikers to not use the foothill trails if they are muddy.

    "We know it's beautiful outside," the City tweeted. "But if you are leaving prints (hoof, tire, or boot), the trail is too wet to use."

    The trails are beginning to thaw due to the warm weather. The past two days, the Treasure Valley has seen temperatures up to 50 degrees.

    The City says if you do find yourself on a muddy trail, walk or ride back through the mud and not around it. This will help avoid the widening of the trails.

    "After-all, we go to the Foothills for trail experiences, not dirt road experiences, said the City.

    Trails to avoid Friday are the far side of Polecat Loop (still muddy), Cottonwood, Table Rock which is open in the morning until 10 a.m. then closed for mud, Ridgecrest, trails on north aspects in Hillside to the Hollow, Seamans, Bucktail, Central Ridge.

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