Chances of a White Christmas in Boise

Chances of a White Christmas

If you've lived in the Treasure Valley for a number of years, you know that the likelihood of a White Christmas is slim. The Boise area only averages 20 inches of snowfall in a season.

According to climate data from the Nation Weather Service's website, there's about a 28% chance of having snow on the ground Christmas day.

There's been snow on the ground 5 times in the past decade with 2016 having tied 1983 with the most snow, 9 inches.

To actually have snowfall on Christmas day is just a 14% chance, something that's only happened 11 times in the past 77 years.

So, Christmas is only two weeks away and what can we expect?

Well, the extended forecast models hint at the possibility of a storm cold enough to bring snow just 5 days before, so we'll have to wait and see.

If you're looking solely at the data from the past 77 years, it's not likely.

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