UPDATE: ITD opens all county DMV offices

On Tuesday, the Idaho Transportation Department recommended closing the offices to all but two DMV offices (Ada and Canyon counties) due to computer technical problems. (File Photo)

The Idaho Transportation Department says it's opening nearly all of its county DMV offices statewide following ongoing computer problems.

ITD has determined the system is stable enough to allow all offices to operate, however, an investigation into the root cause of these issues continues.

Every county DMV office is open at this time except ITD's Grangeville office.

ITD will limit the number of transactions each county can process to keep the system running while troubleshooting continues. This may lead to slower-than-normal transactions and delays for customers.

"We apologize to our county partners in the driver's license offices and to the public for these computer problems," said DMV Administrator Alberto Gonzalez. "Our team has been working around the clock and will continue to expend all available resources to fix this issue."

At this time, there is no estimate when the system will be restored to full functionality.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Canyon County DMV had to shut down for a time being due to a gas leak.

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