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Caldwell teen has tough time with wrestling injury, stolen bike. This officer stepped in.

New bicycle. (photo courtesy Caldwell PD)
New bicycle. (photo courtesy Caldwell PD)
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It's fair to say this Caldwell teen had a tough couple of days back in November.

His bicycle had been stolen at Caldwell High and he also had an injury at wrestling practice. He had to walk home to the other side of town.

When Caldwell Police officer Defur spotted the limping teen he offered him a ride home.

Soon after, Defur reached out to Ross Garvin with the Canyon Bike Project and asked if there were any spare bicycles for the teen. The officer told the teen's father about the bike and ended up scheduling the bike delivery earlier this month.

"CPD and Officer Defur want to give a huge shout out to Ross and the Bike Project," Caldwell Police said about the new bicycle. "They rehab hundreds of bikes and give them to kids who need or want them, free of charge. This is a huge undertaking and would not be possible without Ross."

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