Caldwell police stand 24-hour watch for fallen colleague: 'It's an honor'

Caldwell police officers are standing a 24-hour watch over the casket of Officer Chad Register at the Dakan Funeral Chapel. Register died of cancer Friday. (KBOI photo).

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) -- Since Saturday morning, members of the Caldwell Police Department have been standing a 24-hour watch outside the room in the Dakan Funeral Chapel that holds the casket of Officer Chad Register, who died of cancer Friday.

He is remembered as the best kind of guy.

"Oh, he was a jokester, a great guy to be around," said Crystal Giambo, a detective with Caldwell PD. "He was always cheerful, laughing. I was good friends with him and his wife."

"He never complained," said Officer Matt Hodnett. "Even when he got sick. He wouldn't talk about it to us. Never complained. Never griped. Always did his job and did it very well."

Each shift lasts three hours and the Caldwell officers are proud to do it.

"It's something we want to do to honor those officers that served the community, and put their life on the line," said Caldwell Police Chief Frank Wyant.

"It's an honor for us to stand this watch, and be with Chad a few hours at a time, and just be here with him," said Officer Hodnett.

"And the family knows he is never alone," said Detective Giambo.

It is more than a gesture of respect.

It is a final salute to a fellow officer and a very good friend whose own watch has come to an end.

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