Caldwell couple struggling to get by months after beating in downtown Boise

Bystanders captured graphic video of a man beating Josh Williams as his wife tried to pull him away. (Photo Courtesy GoFundMe)

WARNING: Graphic video -- Viewer discretion is advised.

A Caldwell couple is still trying to get back on their feet after an altercation in downtown Boise nearly four months ago that put the husband in the hospital.

Bystanders captured graphic video of a man beating Josh Williams as his wife tried to pull him away.

They're still dealing with daily reminders of what happened here that night and months later they're facing a harsh reality that their lives will never be the same.

"It messed me up all the way down so deal with pain on that every day and sleepless nights and you know just try to make the best of it," Josh said.

Beyond the noticeable facial injuries, broken bones in his nose and around his eye, Josh has suffered debilitating back pain

"He had some pretty dramatic shifts as far as alignment as far as what was going on in his spine," Dr. Todd Pickman with Gonstead Spine & Wellness said. "There was a lot of evidence to show that he suffered from spinal trauma."

At his first visit with his doctor at Gonstead Spine and Wellness he was given an F grade for overall spine health.

"It's impacted my ability to go back to work in that being a welder, I have to wear the hood for 8 to 10 hours a day," Josh said. "Just that added weight and then standing in one position it's not possible anymore."

Kristina says she dropped out of classes at BSU and is now working to support her family making minimum wage.

Josh's income has been cut severely. The disability check he receives now is a fraction of what he used to bring in.

"Since my not being able to return to work they have to replace my position so as of the 31st I'm going to be unemployed," Josh said.

That means they're going to lose their insurance coverage. They say doctors bills are piling up and not just for Josh.

"About two weeks ago I found out that I have a condition called Chiari 1 malformation," Kristina said.

It's a condition that you're born with but it often doesn't show up until later in life.

"Essentially parts of the brain are being pushed down and are in an area they're not supposed to be," Dr. Pickman said.

She says she's living with debilitating migraines, nausea, loss of balance, numbness and tingling and says without surgery her symptoms will only get worse.

"It's terrifying right now we've made the decision to sell everything that we have minus personal affects, sentimental items and move home to his home in Pennsylvania with his mom," Kristina said. "Otherwise we'd end up homeless."

Josh has started a GoFundMe to pay for his wife's brain surgery.

Boise Police says officers investigated the incident and located and spoke with all parties involved. Additional information was obtained and there is not enough evidence to indicate probable cause to charge either party.

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