BSU, police probe on campus battery, student-athlete suspended from team activities

The family of Ben Taylor, 18, says this photo was taken after the BSU student was beaten by a student-athlete on campus early Sunday. Police and the university are investigating. (Provided by Taylor Family)

Boise State University has suspended a student-athlete from team activities, a decision that comes as the university and Boise police investigate allegations the student-athlete attacked another student on campus early Sunday morning.

Boise Police says they are investigating a battery involving two Boise State students.

While an attorney names one of the students involved -- we are choosing not to name the student because charges have not been filed.

KBOI 2News spoke to a father who says his 18-year-old son, Ben, was beaten unconscious by the student-athlete at an on-campus dorm room.

Trent Taylor says his son was visiting a female friend when the student-athlete showed up and began pounding on the door which Ben Taylor opened.

"I believe he was hit, then taken to the ground, and beaten unconcious," Trent Taylor said. "Broke his arm, got a broken nose, bruises all the way to the back of his head."

Taylor says his son doesn't remember what happened next, but he ended up back in his own dorm room in the same building.

Taylor claims there was no campus security, resident advisor, police or medical response to the incident while his son was unconscious for 12 hours. Ben's brother, who also attends Boise State, found him.

"His brother checked in on him, no idea what had happened, and checked on him at noon the next day," said Taylor. "It's extremely scary to think about the concussion he took and nobody checking on him."

Trent Taylor says he's reached out to officials at Boise State but the university response, he says, has mostly been one of silence.

"They didn't reach out to see what kind of support he needed," Taylor said. "I haven't heard from the athletic department, or the administration. It's infuriating. I can't even tell you how it makes us feel as a family. Just devastating."

Taylor says he wants to see his son's attacker held responsible and has hired an attorney.

In a statement, Boise State says it takes all questions of student safety and behavior seriously but the university says it has no further comment at this time.

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