BPD: Crash leaves car upside-down outside paramedics building

Crash on Franklin and Maple Grove roads. Photo by KBOI staff.

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Police say a woman went to the hospital after her car slid down an embankment, landed upside-down on top of two cars, in a paramedics parking lot after a two-car collision on Franklin Road and Maple Grove Road.

Officers say an SUV failed to yield when pulling out of the driveway and hit the car. The car then slid down the embankment, flipped, and landed on top of two cars parked outside of Injury Care EMS.

Police reported the woman's injuries to be minor and non-life threatening.

Boise Police say paramedics walked out of the building and were able to assist the woman before she had to be extricated by Boise Fire. Talk about luck.

BPD say the driver of the SUV will be cited. No names have been released as the investigation is still ongoing.

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