BPD chief reflects on changes since Officer Stall's death in '97

Officr Mark Stall. (Courtesy Boise Police Department)

Police Chief Bill Bones was a sergeant on the force in 1997 and he told me he is grateful and proud of the way the community continues to remember and honor Officer Mark Stall's sacrifice 20 years ago.

The chief also reflected on how the department has changed since then.

Stall was killed in a downtown shootout during a traffic stop on Sept. 20, 1997.

It all happened at a time of growing unease between the community of Boise and the police department after a series of officer involved shootings.

"Back in the early 1990s, we had a series of police involved shootings, and really the trust level with the community was probably at one of the lowest points for the Boise Police Department," Bones said. "Out of that time one of the positives that came was the creation of the CITF, or critical incident task force and then just the approach we've taken to police-involved shootings and uses of force creating transparency with the public."

The critical incident task force is made up of law enforcement agencies from all over the Treasure Valley.

They provide independent investigations of incidents involving officers from a separate agency.

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