'Tis the Season: BPD asks for help tackling wave of package thefts in Boise

This time of year, police say there's a spike in package theft (FILE Photo).

With Christmas just around the corner — 'tis the season for package theft!

We're about one month into what Boise Police consider the 'busy season' when it comes to this crime and already, there's been almost a dozen packages reported stolen around the city. The largest handful have been around the Boise Bench.

"There's a certain level of frustration," said Ed Fritz, crime prevention supervisor for Boise Police Department. "The fact that someone would go out there and take something that's on your property."

Porch pirates are starting to get more bold in their effort to snatch packages from front porches. Now, BPD is asking for the community's help tracking the culprits down.

Police are asking that if you see suspicious activity, like someone you don't recognize walking around your neighborhood and going up to porches, call police right away.

For some package thieves, according to BPD, it's just a matter of the opportunity presenting itself and for others, it's almost a day job.

"Someone walking by, they see that package there and that's just an opportunity for them to make money," said Fritz.

To prevent package theft, BPD recommends taking the following steps:

  1. Track your packages — that way you'll know when they are set to arrive.
  2. Include delivery instructions — leave a note recommending your delivery driver put packages at the back door or somewhere hidden.
  3. Be present — have packages dropped off where you know someone will be, like at work, a friend's house or a neighbor's house.
  4. Install a security camera —in the case of package theft, this is the strongest evidence for police.
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