Boone Bartlome leaves hospital, flying to Denver to further rehab

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) -- A Kuna high school football player who broke his neck earlier this month is on his way to Colorado to further his rehabilitation efforts.

Boone Bartlome and family left Boise Monday morning for Denver's Craig Hospital, a family member told KBOI 2News Monday morning.

"Now that Boone's condition has stabilized, our next step will be to move him to a facility that specializes in rehabilitating his type of injury," a CaringBridge posts reads. "Craig Hospital, which is located in Denver, is world renowned for their ability to rehabilitate patients with spinal cord injuries. Ultimately, we feel this will give Boone the best possible chance for a full and complete recovery."

Kuna Head Football Coach Lee Leslie said it's still too early to know what Boone's final dignosis will be, but they are impressed with the progress he has made so far. He notes Boone is eager to get to work on his recovery.

"Boone is ready to fight, he's ready to work hard," said Leslie. "To work hard he is going to have to do that because he still has a long way to go as far as trying to get his old life back."

Leslie also says the support of the community has been a big help along this tough road for both Boones and his family. He said it's been invaluable to their spirits.

"It's so important to have that strength when we are going into the unknown like we are with Boone," Leslie said. "We still don't know how he is going to come out of this thing. Either way he comes out of it he's going to be fine."

The Treasure Valley has reached out to Boone and his family in more ways than none. Just last week, Dutch Bros. coffee in Meridian raised about $15,000. Boise State football players had tributes written on their arms for Boone for their game against San Diego State.

"Boone has a very long road ahead of him," the posts reads. "There is no way to accurately predict his ultimate prognosis.However, the doctors are very encouraged by his progress thus far."

It's unclear how long Boone may be in Denver.

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