Boise's homeless battle heat wave amid local shelter temporarily closing

Corpus Christi House in Boise is closed down for two weeks for maintenance (CBS 2 Photo).

The recent heat wave in the Treasure Valley is having a big impact on Boise's homeless — especially since one shelter is temporarily closed.

Corpus Christi House in Boise is closed down for two weeks, between August 6th and August 18th, for maintenance.

"This place is open Monday through Saturday. People come here. It gets a lot of use," said William Presley, a regular visitor to Corpus Christi.

For now, Presley and many others are having to seek shelter elsewhere.

The Director for the Boise Rescue Mission told CBS 2 News on Thursday that they are seeing a slight influx because of it.

However, in triple digit temperatures, resources are spread thin.

"This is a dire emergency for homeless people," said Jon Blank, Director for the Boise Rescue Mission. "When you are homeless and you are unable to get out and get away from the heat — that's putting you in dire consequences."

The Boise Rescue Mission and other local shelters are in need of supplies including dry snacks that won't melt from the heat and bottled water, according to Blank.

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