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Boise State student donates kidney to stranger

Boise State student donates her kidney to a stranger. (Courtesy Wendy Tolbert)
Boise State student donates her kidney to a stranger. (Courtesy Wendy Tolbert)
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"This guy wore a T-shirt to Disneyland that said O Positive kidney needed. And O Positive is a very unique type of blood. So then I saw it and I was like, mom, I'm O Positive. How would you feel if I donated a kidney?" explained Bailee Tolbert.

Tolbert is a second-year business student and club softball player at Boise State University. She said she always tries to do things for others, especially those in need. And lately, she's wanted to do more.

It started with a trip to Disneyland.

Tolbert was with her family and saw a man wearing a shirt asking for a kidney from someone with O Positive blood. The same blood type as Tolbert.

She pitched the idea to her parents who told her to think it through.

"My mom came to me and was like, 'hey my friend's mom, what would you think about donating to her?' And I was like, absolutely," Tolbert said.

Tolbert's doctors told her the operation would not negatively affect her life.

"They said it's not gonna be much different," Tolbert explained. "Just gotta stay healthy. They said because how I have been throughout [my life] I should be perfectly fine."

It wasn't an easy decision for her. Some of her friends thought she was crazy for wanting to give up one of her kidneys, and they asked her several times if she was sure she wanted to go through with it. Each and every time, she told them yes.

Now, Tolbert's going about her life like any other BSU student.

"I wasn't that nervous because I was just really excited to do it," Tolbert said. "Which everyone was asking if I was that excited, and I said yeah. I just feel really good about this."

The recovery process was much quicker for Tolbert than she expected; only a couple of days.

She's happy knowing that her donation gave life to someone in need. She encourages anyone who wants to be a kidney donor to do so.

Tolbert's parents are very proud of her.

Here's the full interview with Tolbert:

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