Boise PD patrols bridges to make river safe for floaters

Police say they're working going to be patrolling the bridge seven days a week.

Boise police are stepping up patrols of local bridges after a young woman was hurt by a bridge jumper while floating the Boise River last Sunday.

19-year-old Cienna Cook, a student at BSU, was sent to the hospital after a large man jumped down from the Baybrook Bridge and landed directly on her.

"We want everyone to be out here and have a good time. This is a big part of our city, but when we have someone who gets hurt from someone jumping off it becomes a big deal for us because safety is our number one concern," said Sgt. Matt Bryngelson with the Boise Police Department.

Police say they're going to be patrolling the bridge seven days a week.

They're also focusing on educating people about what's safe and what's not.

"We just want to teach people that it's okay to have a good time, it's okay to jump off the bridge, [and] we want people to float," said Sgt. Bryngelson. "Everyone just has to work together to be safe."

In the past five years since bridge jumping was made legal, just two citations have been issued to jumpers who got too close to floaters.

Police say they get calls about it quite often, but more often than not when they arrive the bridge jumper is long gone.

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