Boise City Council to discuss more public input on proposed library and stadium

Tuesday, February 19th, the city will be meeting to figure out how to get more voices heard on the proposed projects. (Courtesy: City of Boise)

Controversy has sparked over two proposed projects in downtown Boise. Two projects, the Boise Main Library and Sports Park, cashing out around 85 million dollars.

“Obviously people have different perspectives and these two projects are among those that people have strong opinions about,” said Mike Journee, city spokesman.

Tuesday, February 19th, the city will be meeting to figure out how to get more voices heard. Journee says the public has already given extensive input on both projects with open houses. But some residents have asked for more opportunity to provide more feedback.

The discussion this upcoming Tuesday at city council, comes amid calls for the city to put both projects up for a public vote. Including a ballot initiative effort that the Boise City Attorney believes is unconstitutional.

“These are typically administrative actions. We don't see any different than the city council allocating money for our waste water treatment plant or for the airport master plan or anything else that they deal with on a regular basis in city council chambers,” Journee said.

Right now, the public wants the city to put the roughly 85 million dollars in spending on the ballot and leave it up to the voters.

Happening this week, the Boise city council will discuss ways to get move input from the public. This is not a public hearing meeting. It's a discussion to open up additional avenues to allow citizens voices to be heard.

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