Chaplain trainee charges with video voyeurism

Photo courtesy Ada County Sheriff's Office

A 30-year-old Boise man was arrested over the weekend and charged with taking photos with his cell phone up the skirt of a 15-year-old girl in a children's play area at Boise Towne Square.

According to court documents, Kevin Forbes, a student chaplain in training at St. Luke's Medical Center, was at Boise Towne Square Sunday with his wife and child -- or children -- and a baby stroller and when the other family members stepped away, the teenage girl came up and knelt down near the baby stroller.

According to an audio recording of the probable cause hearing in the case, Forbes then took as many as 30 pictures up the girl's skirt with his cell phone.

Her mother saw it and began shouting at Forbes that he was a pedophile, court documents state.

An angry crowd gathered and security was called.

Forbes has been charged with video voyeurism and destruction of evidence, both felonies.

Prosecutors told the judge during the hearing that a security officer told a responding Boise police officer he found Forbes rambling and praying and saying he intended to use the photos "to get off."

During the probable cause hearing Monday, prosecutors said when police later interviewed Forbes, he admitted to taking the photographs and then deleting them because he knew he was going to get into trouble.

We reached out to St. Luke's about Forbes' status as a student chaplain trainee and a spokeswoman told us he has been placed on administrative leave.

We also asked Boise Towne Square if they have any plans to increase security around the children's area, but nobody was available who could comment.

A preliminary hearing has been set for August 25th.

Forbes has been released without bond.

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