Boise celebrates "LIV" District

LIV District Celebration.

Boise City held a block party on Broad Street Thursday evening to celebrate the completion of the streetscape project and the larger, LIV District.

LIV stands for “lasting, innovative and vibrant”. At its core, LIV is about a return to urban living. Boise’s first LIV District basically is the historic Central Addition, bordered by Capitol and Broadway, Front and Myrtle.

The Central Addition was platted in 1890 as a residential neighborhood, the first outside of the original Boise township. By the 1970’s most of the more than 100 homes were gone. Today, only 48 residents still live in Central Addition.

But under the LIV District initiative, residential living is returning in a big way. The Fowler will soon be finished with 159 apartment units. And more are planned.

Beyond urban living, the LIV District also incorporates smart, environmental innovations. The district will serve as a pilot program for new, heat pump technology to extract additional heat from once used, lower temperature geothermal water.

There’s even a way to collect and hold rain water so that it does end up as runoff in the Boise River. Haley Falconer, Boise’s Environmental Manager explained, “One of the things that we really wanted to achieve was retaining all the storm water that comes onto site without running off into the Boise River. So we have soaker cells. They're underneath where we are right now (On the Broad Street sidewalk). They really look like stacks of milk crates and they can retain a lot of water and actually allow the street trees to grow really big."

Also on Broad Street, gaps are intentionally left between street pavers to allow runoff to soak in.

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