Boise boy with rare cancer wishes for cards for 15th birthday

Jorge Ibanez is turning 15-years-old on September 13th (Maria Ibanez).

A boy in the Treasure Valley, who is battling an aggressive form of bone cancer, has a special birthday wish.

He’s asking for cards and postcards from around the country and perhaps, all around the world.

Jorge Ibanez is turning 15-years-old on September 13th.

In June, Jorge was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a cancerous tumor that starts inside the cells that form bones.

It most commonly effects growing teenagers or young adults.

Jorge is currently undergoing six months of chemotherapy, which his mother says forces their family to stay in the hospital for weeks on end.

His parents say it would bring Jorge so much joy to wake up on his birthday to a stack of cards from people who have never even met him but just want to give him a happy birthday.

Cards can be mailed to:

Jorge A. Ibanez

2837 W. Malad St.

Boise, Idaho 83705

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