Boise Airport urges travelers to arrive 2 hours early this summer

Travelers are urged to arrive two hours before departure at the Boise Airport this summer. (KBOI photo)

Traveler at the Boise Airport are urged to arrive two hours before their departure time this summer.

The growth in the number of passengers at the Boise Airport mirrors a national trend.

Boise Airport officials estimate they'll screen an average of 6,500 passengers a day between now an Labor Day.

Some of the growth factors include a strong economy and expanded air service.

"Frontier began service here, and Southwest started service to San Jose, and Alaska has expanded service into Seattle," said Sean Briggs, Boise Airport spokesman. "So there's more capacity for people to travel out of Boise Airport."

And airport officials remind travelers to plan ahead, arrive early, pack smartly and think about the TSA pre-check program for quicker screening.

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