Bogus Basin celebrates new year with 2nd annual fireworks show


Celebrating the new year with fireworks on the mountain last year was such a big hit, Bogus Basin decided to make it an annual tradition.

“What we really love seeing up here this year is that we have a lot of folks coming up for the first time. So its fun seeing people come up to the mountain who haven’t been here before and check it out,” said Susan Saad, Director of Community and Customer Relations, Bogus Basin.

The mountain extended hours on the chair lifts and tubing hill so people can enjoy the snow leading up to the fireworks.

“It’s great to have bogus basin in our backyards. The community loves it and we love the community so it’s a lot of fun,” said Saad.

The fireworks brought a pretty good crowd but compared to last year, ski numbers aren't up to par.

“Well you know we opened a little later this year, we opened the day after Christmas so our numbers are about half what they were this time last year. But we’re very encouraged with the weather coming up and what we’ve done so far. So things are going well,” said Brad Wilson, Bogus Basin general manager.

The winter season isnt over yet so theres still time to get numbers up and overall fun on the mountain.

“We have great momentum. You saw the crowd here tonight for the fireworks. You know people are really behind all the changes, we’re making the improvements. So we’re really excited about it. We just need a little help from Mother Nature. Looks like next we have a little snow coming so we’ll be back on track,” Wilson said.

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