Bill banning cell use while driving barely misses deadline for consideration


BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - AAA Idaho made a proposal to lawmakers Thursday afternoon that would treat the use of cell phones while driving as an infraction. The introduction to the Senate Transportation Committee failed coming out of the gate, but that doesn't mean it won't come up again next year.

Michael Kane, who spoke on behalf of AAA Idaho, said that the wording in this legislation would be similar to the "no texting" bill that was passed a while ago. He calls it a "baby step" on the issue of distracted driving.

The bill missed the deadline for consideration by just a few days. When asked to print, Senator Steve Vick objected.

"If you would have introduced it later on there's a better chance for the amount of input," Vick said. "That's a fairly substantial change whether you're for making cell phone use illegal or not, it's a pretty substantial change. People on both sides should have a chance to be heard."

KBOI 2News reached out to AAA Idaho for comment, and the director of Government and Public Affairs said in an email that he would like to opt out of saying or doing anything at this time.

Justin Wallace, a Boise resident, says he wished the bill had a chance.

"Yeah, personally I would have liked to see it passed. You know, I don't agree with phones being used in the vehicle," Wallace said. "I think that, especially with teens these days, I really do hope it gets brought up and it gets passed this next session."

Senator Vick told KBOI 2News that it's likely this piece of legislation will get brought back next session.

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