Deputies see high volume of weather-related crashes over weekend

This weekend 131 reports of crashes have been reported to Ada County Sheriff's office. (Photo Courtesy Ada County Sheriff's Office)

This weekend 131 crashes have been reported to Ada County Sheriff's office.

38 of the crashes saw injuries.

More cases have been reported such as 60 calls for stalled or stuck vehicles, 26 hit-and-run calls, and 51 slide offs.

Today dispatchers received five reports of stalled or stuck cars, 21 crashes with three injuries, two hit-and-run crashes, and 14 slide-offs. I-84 east of Boise, near the Eisenman Road exit, saw dense fog and slippery roads that contributed to over a dozen of those crashes and slide-offs late this morning.

On Saturday a 58-year-old Boise woman was driving on Pleasant Valley Road near S. Amyx Road south of Boise and lost control. She drove off the side of the road and rolled her car. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Deputies are still trying to see if slippery road conditions were a factor in the crash.

8.9 inches of snow has been measured at Boise Airport from late Friday through Monday afternoon according to the National Weather Service.

Ada county Sheriff's office says the safest way to drive in the winter conditions is to slow down and give stopping distance plenty of room.

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