Life Flight saves Idaho boy's life: 'All I kept thinking was, please don't die'

'All I kept thinking was please don't die, because he was literally covered head to toe.'

"He was four, and we just celebrated his 5th birthday," says Krystal Booth. "It was a pretty big birthday for us because he's alive.It only takes one second, that's all it takes. it takes a second for everything to change."

On a seemingly normal day almost one year ago, tragedy struck the Booth family of Malta, Idaho.

"I was sitting at home, my husband he had ran up to check on the cows and wade was playing in the front yard," says Krystal Booth. "All of the sudden he was crying so I went running outside and he was laying underneath my bedroom window, covered head to toe in blood."

Krystal tells me she saw a two inch long gash on his forehead where she could see his skull.

"He had been kicked by a horse," Krystal says.

She immediately rushed for the phone.

"I called 911 and we were on the phone with him and thank goodness he showed up right as I got Wade picked up and a towel on his head," Krystal says. "The ambulance was going to meet us halfway."

That's when an off-duty paramedic, fishing nearby, heard the call and met the family. He told them Wade couldn't wait for an ambulance.

"He said no, he needs to be life-flighted," says Krystal. "I didn't know his skull was even fractured until we were going."

Krystal tells me life flight took off immediately.

"One of the girls on the ambulance is a friend of mine, and we actually met the life flight at her house," says Krystal. "All I kept thinking was, please don't die, because he was literally covered head to toe, there was not a spot on him that wasn't blood."

Life Flight flew Wade to Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello within 10 minutes. Saving precious time, and ultimately his life.

"Life flight was very important to us for that day," Krystal says.

Wade stayed in the ICU for four days before being released.

Krystal tells me Wade's brain is still bruised from the injury almost a year later. But she says, thanks to Life Flight her son is alive, and that is the greatest gift of all.

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