Missing Boise man's mother to turn up heat on case: 'I've kept a lot of stuff quiet'


You’ve seen the billboards around Boise. They say “HELP FIND AHREN BARNARD.” You drive by and continue on with your life. But for Ahren’s family, finding peace has proven difficult.

"I think of him every day throughout the day -- especially at Christmas time or birthday time or any holiday actually," said Ahren’s mother, Vicki Barnard.

On Dec. 4 2004, Ahren stopped at the McDonald’s at Overland and Cole roads. It was the last time he’d be seen.

On his way home, Ahren called his roommate when he was about five minutes out. He pulled onto his street (Southerland Drive) off of McMillan. He parked his SUV at his home and then disappeared. Ahren’s mother believes police are close to solving the case.

"They do have people of interest and even possibly suspects,however, they are reluctant to name them although that is going to come out someday here soon," Barnard said.

Ahren’s mother is now sharing more details of the case. | 52 COLD CASES in IDAHO

"There are people we know that have lied throughout the investigation, they have hindered the investigation, there are people who have ended up with property of Ahren's that he never would have sold," Barnard said.

Ahren’s mother dismisses the theory that Ahren may have taken off to start a new life.

"He wouldn't have done that to his kids. Especially. He had a daughter and a son and he would not have just left them nor would he have left his pets unattended," Barnard said.

Vicki Barnard plans on turning up the heat on her son’s disappearance.

"I've kept a lot of stuff quiet for years because I thought it'd be good for the case and we're talking now about putting more of that information out there, the anonymous letter I've received, things like that," Barnard said.

Vicki is convinced there are people in Boise who know what happened to her son, she also hopes time has rattled some nerves.

"I hope people will grow in their character and integrity and will say something. People break up, divorces happen, children are born and as you grow, hopefully your understanding deepens so people need to do the right thing and come forward," Barnard said.

Her goal is to ultimately bring Ahren home.

"We want to solve the crime, I'm not going to lie about that but the most important thing. The most important thing is to find Ahren or find his remains whichever the case may be," she said.

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