Long-time Boise State usher retiring after NCAA Tournament

Dan Geib, Patron Services

After working 35 years of events in what's now the Taco Bell Arena, Dan Geib says it's time to hang up the badge.

"My knees and my feet are starting to tell me that it's time to leave and I’m going to go out on a high with the NCAA's," said Dan Geib, Patron Services.

Geib recalls some of the big games that took place over the years inside the arena.

"I've seen quite a few NCAA's, I've been here when Shaquille O'Neal broke the backboard, been here when the Las Vegas team ran the gambit, and I was here when UCLA made the three-second run to go into the tournament further on," said Geib.

His view of the games and events has changed from when he started.

"I started in the balcony in 1982, said Geib, and slowly worked my way down to the floor.”

No matter where his position has been...he's always enjoyed the interaction with others.

"There's no stress in this job, except for standing a long time, but I've met some wonderful people," said Geib.

He's been there for some great performers as well, including Elton John, Garth Brooks, and the Beach Boys.

Geib says, "It's just been a wonderful run, what can you say, it's been a great ride but I’m glad it's time for me to turn it over to someone else."

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