Affordable housing to serve Idaho's rural communities

It's a method that cuts the construction time in half to about five months (CBS 2 Photo).

There's a new affordable housing option in Idaho — designed with rural communities in mind.

Idaho's Housing and Finance Association is piloting an innovative affordable housing project in Kuna. The long-term goal is to expand the project to communities that are even more remote, where low-income housing is in high demand.

"Some of our mountain communities are our recreational areas and they have very high costs of living because of second-home owners who come in and buy properties," said Kathryn Almberg, director for the Idaho Housing and Finance Association. "So, it's very difficult in places like Blaine County and Valley County, for local workers who work in the service industries to be able to afford or even find quality housing."

The homes are modular duplexes that are built as three separate parts inside of a Boise factory and combined on site. It's a method that cuts the construction time in half — to about five months.

"Right now, there's so much construction going on in the Valley and in our state that it's very difficult for us to get contractors," said Almberg. "So, this might be a creative way for us to bring affordable housing to the marketplace cheaper and faster."

Idaho's Housing and Finance Association plans to start building these homes in more rural, mountainous parts of Idaho next fall.

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