Adventure Hunt is coming to Boise

Some of the prizes awaiting the team that digs up the treasure chest. Courtesy: Adventure Hunt

The Adventure Hunt is coming to Boise on Saturday, April 15. It’s part treasure hunt, part “Amazing Race,” and all fun.

The winner gets a chest full of prizes including a pair of GoPro cameras and a trip to a Caribbean resort. “The biggest thing that people are excited about is the trip to Red Frog Beach,” explained Sean Bingham, the founder of Adventure Hunt. “This is private, luxury villas, infinity pools and zip line jungle tours."

To find the chest and win the grand prizes, all you need to do is follow the clues and do some silly things along the way.

And even if you don’t get to the chest first, there are other prizes for top finishers. In fact, everyone who finishes will get something, not the least of which is a better appreciation for all the fun things you can do in Boise. Bingham said, "The whole idea behind it is that we want people to enjoy where they live -- not feeling like they always have to be going somewhere else.”

Click here for more information and to register for the Adventure Hunt. Use promo code “KBOI” for a 20 percent discount on the registration fee.

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