A Boise woman is headed to the altar, but one thing is missing...her ring!

Katrina Hill only had her engagement ring for three months but says she fell more in love with it every day. Getting it back would mean the world to her. (Courtesy: Kat Hill)

A Boise woman is headed to the altar, but one thing is missing...her ring!

Katrina Hill was at Albertsons Stadium last Saturday cheering on the Broncos in the championship game.

But the weather, snow and rain, played a huge role in her and her fiancé leaving early. When she got home she realized she didn't have her engagement ring on.

Hill, a senior at Boise State, and her fiancé Shane got engaged back in August. Their wedding date set just under a year from now. Hill says her fiancé really hit the nail on the head designing the perfect ring for her.

Saturday, hill says she took her gloves off heading to her car from the stadium, to the Brady garage. And when she realized she didn't have the ring. They drove back to the garage to search. Ripping through car seats and retracing steps. Hill in tears looking for the ring she says is a symbol for the next steps of her and her fiancé's lives.

“It’s something that I’ve only had for three months and I’ve fallen in love with over and over again. Obviously a ring isn’t a relationship. The relationship and commitment is something I am grateful and thankful to have but just to have the ring back would mean the world to me,” Hill said.

Hill describes the ring as a size 9, pink rose gold band with a pink sapphire center stone and a halo of small diamonds surrounding it.

She says she has spent days spreading the word on social media, alerting the parking staff on campus and searching the area every day.

Being so busy with school, Hill and her fiancé were planning on insuring the ring next month. Hill says she's afraid that the longer it takes to find the ring, the realization sits in that it's gone.

If you have any information on the rings whereabouts please contact, Boise State Campus Police at (208) 426-7275 or Katrina Hill on social media.

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