8 people arrested in connection to homicide of Nampa 16-year-old

From left to right: Elizabeth Esparza, Maribel, Jose Manuel Menchaca, Olivia June Hernandez-Santana. (Photos courtesy Canyon County Jail)

Eight people have been arrested in connection with the homicide of a Nampa 16-year-old back in September.

Roberto Gomez was shot in the area of 11th Ave. North and Powell Avenue in Nampa on Sept. 25.

The investigation that followed led to the arrest of Maribel Menchaca, a 42-year-old Nampa resident and a 16-year-old male for the charges of robbery.

Earlier in the day of the shooting, police responded to a fight in the same area, but were unable to find any victims or suspects an affidavit by the Canyon County Courthouse says.

Maribel Menchaca was arrested and was interviewed for investigation and involvement in the fight. The Idaho Press reports Menchaca said she went to a trailer to "back up," her son on Sep. 25. She said she found Gomez and hit him with both hands and yanked a gold chain off of his neck. According to police, she couldn't remember if she took anything when she left.

"I did not go back and retaliate," Menchaca said. "I was already beating myself up that I hit this little kid."

The Idaho Press says Gomez was punched and knocked to the ground by another man involved and Menchaca struck him with the gold chain he was wearing. Menchaca's son admitted to taking a gun from Gomez’s trailer at the time.

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Lt. Eric Skoglund stated, “These arrests are the result of many hours spent by detectives investigating this case. A grand jury reviewed evidence presented to them, related to these two cases, which led to multiple indictments.”

The grand jury returned with indictments for the following people:

  • Juan Olvera, 16, – 1st degree murder and robbery
  • Maribel Menchaca, age 42, a Nampa resident – 1st degree murder and robbery
  • Elizabeth Esparza, age 28, a Caldwell resident – Accessory to 1st degree murder, aid and abet robbery, and perjury
  • Olivia Hernandez Santana, age 35, a Caldwell resident – Accessory to 1st degree murder, intimidation of a witness and perjury
  • Jose Menchaca, 17, – accessory to 1st degree murder, aid and abet robbery, and perjury
  • Isaac Bernal, 16, – accessory to 1st degree murder, and aid and abet Robbery
  • Gabriel W. Hernandez Olivo, 16, – aid and abet 1st degree murder, aid and abet robbery, and intimidation of a witness
  • Jose Menchaca, age 39, a Nampa resident – aid and abet robbery

All these individuals were taken into custody today with the assistance of Caldwell Police Department and the United States Marshals Service.

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