4 pit bulls to be put down after fatal attack of horse

4 pit bulls to be put down after fatal attack of horse (Photo: Bill Haney)

COWICHE, Wash. -Bill Haney says despite witnessing four pit bulls attacking his horse of 23 years, he made the decision not to shoot.

"I didn't wanna shoot ‘em. I’m an animal lover," said Haney.

He recalls memories of last night’s vicious attack.

He says he heard a lot of thrashing going on in his yard on Track Road in Cowiche, and that’s when he ran outside to check on his horse Pineaway, and her daughter 18-year-old Blossom.

"There was four pit bulls up on top of her and I ran them off, went back to the house and got a gun, went back with a gun, and they were back on her, eating on her again, and she was still alive," said Haney.

After he managed to scare them off, the condition in which they left Pineaway didn't look good.

"Both front feet were broke off and her throat was just about gone, and lacerations, most the hide off her leg, and they really did a job on her and did it quick," he said.

Haney says Blossom walked away with a few gashes on her muzzle, but a veterinarian euthanized her mom to put her out of her misery.

"She kept bawlin' and scrawlin' for her mom, and her mom’s laying down there dying, and still talking to her daughter. It was very sad, and a very bloody, gory mess," he said.

He says this isn't the first time those particular pit bulls have attacked his horses, but this is the first time the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office says they've been called out to this area for this reason.

Deputies responded to last night's incident and say there was evidence of blood on the pit bulls faces and paws, linking them to the attack.

Public Information Officer Casey Schilperoort says the dogs owners have been cooperative and because of this attack, the owners have made a decision.

"The owners of the pit bulls decided they were going to euthanize the dogs, so that it doesn’t happen again," said Schilperoort.

According to the Yakima County Dangerous Dog Ordinance, any dog that bites, causes severe injury, or kills any domestic animal or livestock will be classified as engaging in Level 5 behavior.

And the owners in this case will be fined $500 for each dog and face up to 90 days of jail time, but they are not forced to euthanize their dogs.

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