Local reaction as midterms loom amid tense political climate

Many say the lack of civility in this election cycle is the worst they can remember. (CBS 2 photo)

As investigators work the serial bombing case that's targeted high profile Democrats and the media, one can almost sense the fingerpointing starting in almost every corner of American politics.

It's the latest development in a tense and tough political climate that many say is the worst they've ever seen.

"It hasn't been this bad as long as I can remember anyway," said Matt McGarry of Boise. "Certainly if you look back at history, there's been times when it's been worse with riots and violence, things like that. We're not to that level yet. Hope we don't get there."

"The political divisiness is tangible at all levels," said Caitlyn McGarry, Matt's daughter. "Even classmates I go to school with, I mean, the political polarity of this country, it can be scary but like my Dad said, we're grateful in Boise not to see a lot of violence. Going to be interesting to see what happens in these midterms and afterward, too."

"I don't think it's going to get better soon," said Diana Fairchild of Boise. "I just hope there's enough changes made at the midterm election that we have more reaching across the aisle and more civility between the two parties."

"I just wish people could go to different places and meet different people and understand that we all want the same thing," said Kyle Carter, visiting from Virginia, "like health insurance, take care of your family, kids are taken care of, at the end of the day we all want the same things."

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