Election day registration helps forgetful Idaho voters

Same day registration means voters who forget to register or procrastinate can still vote election day. (CBS 2 photo)

In Idaho, it's hard to get turned away from the polls.

For example... let's say it's election day.

You show up at the polls and if you're like me, you forget a lot of things.

Let's say in this case, I forgot to register before election day.

No problem. In Idaho, I can do it at the polls on election day.

All I need is any generic photo ID, anything at all with just my picture and name.

And then, I need proof of residency which could be a utility bill, for example.

But, what if but I don't have any proof of residency on me, will I have to drive all the way home to get it?

Wait, though, check the glove compartment of your car

Vehicle registration and proof of insurance. that will do it.

Then it's time to vote but now I have to show an official photo ID, a U.S, passport or Idaho driver's license.

But I don't have a driver's license or photo ID with me. Again, not a problem, just sign this personal identification affadavit. now you're good to go and can vote for whomever you chose which is truly the hardest part.

Elections officials say there's one thing that even confuses them.

And that is any photo ID will work to register to vote but to actually vote, you have to present an official photo ID like an Idaho drivers license.

That may not make sense, but that's the way it is in Idaho.

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