CWI levy, state senate recount starts in Treasure Valley

Recount started Wednesday in Canyon County. It starts Monday in Ada County. (CBS 2)

The recount on the College of Western Idaho levy has already started in Canyon County.

The $39 million levy would go toward a new health sciences building.

But forget campaign slogans now.

This is all about the numbers.

"At this point we are actually starting the hand recount," said Chris Yamamoto, Canyon County clerk. "When that hand count is finished, we will run that through the tabulators. if that matches up, we will continue to run it through the tabulators."

If it doesn't match up, all ballots must be recounted by hand.

But the Canyon County Clerk's Office doesn't expect any surprises.

"I would expect we will see little change in the vote," said Yamamoto, "and I expect this will take 15 hours to complete."

The recount in Ada County starts Monday.

The CWI levy failed by 144 votes.

That's short of the required supermajority but within the narrow margin that allows for a recount at state expense.

But Ada County also has a recount in the senate race for West Boise's Legislative District 15.

Republican incumbent Fred Martin defeated Democratic challenger Jim Bratnober by only six votes.

Ada County's much larger recount effort appears unprecedented.

"This will be the largest recount we've ever conducted," said Phil McGrane, Ada County Clerk-elect. "It may be be one of the largest in the state."

McGrane says the recount could last two weeks.

Breaking it down, voters rejected the CWI levy in Canyon County, but they supported it in Ada County

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