Comings and Goings: New coffee shop and snow cones have arrived in the Treasure Valley.

Coffee and snow cones have arrived in the Treasure Valley.

Push and Pour coffee shop is now open.

You'll find it at Carr and 34th streets.

It's a popular place for greenbelt bicyclists.

And don't be surprised if you see kayakers stop by, since the whitewater park is so close.

The entire area is growing at a fast pace.

It's a must-see if you haven't visited recently.

You'll find brand-new apartments and patio homes by the river.

And here's something i just had to pass along.

A new snow cone stand has opened in Emmett.

It's going to help children and adults stay cool this summer since the community pool will not be opening.

It's called Joe's Snow, and it's located at 912 south Washington Avenue.

They're open noon to 5 p.m. so stop by and get a cool treat.

If you've seen some demolition work going on around the Basque Center in Boise don't worry.

They're not going anywhere.

The only thing that's changing is the chimney's coming down according to the city's paperwork.

It indicates the building at 601 W. Grove Street had an old, exterior chimney, who's time has come to pass.

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