Comings and Goings: Possible new fire station on Overland road


Meridian Fire is looking to expand its fire stations, and it's eyeing a piece of property on West Overland road.

City leaders are holding a hearing next Tuesday the 15th to consider a proposal to annex just under two acres of land at 1435 West Overland road.

The city's legal notices indicate it would be for fire station number six.

The Walmart Supercenter on Fairview ave. now has a pickup tower for same day in-store pickup.

You order online and pick up the product that same day.

You can pre-set later pick-up dates, if that's best.

The pickup towers have been so successful around the US, that more are planned including in the gem state.

Riverwood homes is building off Ardell road in Kuna west of Ten Mile road and south of Hubbard road.

Dozens of homes have already been built. Just a few lots remain.

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