'They'll have the opportunity to come in and see what virtual reality is all about.'


Once called the technology of the future, virtual reality is here in Idaho, and thanks to the Idaho Virtual Reality Council, you can get in on all of the fun.

The event is free to the community and gives you the chance to meet companies at the forefront of virtual reality technology, and even experience over 20 different simulations.

We talked with Boise native and owner of VR1 Brendan Smythe about how he is helping this groundbreaking technology become accessible to the community.

He says that VR1 in Eagle does events and they are continuing to add more. They have competitions, family nights on Wednesdays and half price Tuesdays.

Smythe gave us a first hand tour of VR1 and showed us what the future of gaming looks like.

VR1 has virtual reality stations where Smythe says, you are limitless. The arcade has over 150 experiences.

These experiences vary from interactive high intensity games, experiencing flight, and for me...I suited up to walk the plank.

Screens are displayed outside the station so friends can watch and even interact with the person playing.

And inside the virtual reality headset, you can test your fear of heights and so much more.

The Virtual Reality Bash 2017 is Thursday from 4:30 to 8 p.m.

The event is free to the community, registration is required. You can register for the event HERE.

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