TanRound: Transparent clothing allows you to tan all year round

In countries where it’s not sunny and warm all year round, it’s very difficult to maintain a year-round tan, unless of course you get it from a bottle.

Well, fear not, if you’re fed up of being pasty during the colder months, there is a Kickstarter campaign that hopes to solve all your tanning woes with see-through apparel that lets you “sunbathe” all year round!

TanRound, designed by co-founders Estevan Lopez and Stephan Perez, is the first apparel line with innovative heating and breakthrough technology that helps you safely and responsibly sunbathe in nearly freezing weather or in the snow. The official product description states, “It’s natural, safe and proven ... minimize the hardships of the winter and get a perfect, natural tan anytime you want. All, while naturally replenishing your Vitamin D!”

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