STEM: Idaho teachers, librarians attend drone flight school

Idaho teachers, librarians and school district staff are joining the Idaho STEM Action Center to attend drone flight school this week. (Courtesy Photo)

Dozens of educators from around the state are getting a lot more high tech thanks to some grants from the Idaho STEM Action Center.

They're headed to drone flight school.

Before the drones can be used to educate children, their teachers need to learn everything about the new technology and that's what the training is all about.

The educators gathered in Meridian for some extensive drone training. They learned how to operated the drones and how to teach others about the technology.

So, why are the grants being used for drones?

The STEM Action Center believes the aircraft offer the greatest learning opportunity.

"Drones really utilized all of the S-T-E-M in STEM," said Erica Compton, STEM program manager. "Science, technology, engineering and math. So kids will actually learn how to build the drones from the ground up. Understanding flight simulation and all the technology that goes into that. And then of course learning how to fly them and perhaps races them."

Compton told KBOI 2News that one of the great benefits of the programs is that small communities such as Wilder and Nez Perce are getting access to technology their children normal wouldn't have.

The program will be launched at libraries, middle schools and high schools throughout the state this fall.

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