Hundreds of kids fill Idaho Statehouse for STEM Matters Day

Hundreds of kids filled the Idaho Statehouse Tuesday for STEM Matters Day.

This is the third year the Idaho STEM Action Center has hosted the event.

Every year, the need for STEM jobs in Idaho continues to grow. Idaho Department of Labor says around 7,000 STEM-related jobs went unfilled last year.

The Idaho STEM Action Center hopes the annual STEM Matters Event will encourage kids to seek a job in a STEM field from computer science to engineering.

This event shows kids STEM can not only lead to a career, it's also a lot of fun.

"For us, hosting STEM Matters at the capital gives an opportunity for legislators to see what students are doing , to see smiles on kid's faces, to talk to them about what's happening in their classroom'" Angela Hemingway, the Executive Director of STEM Action Center said. "To interact with industry, to better understand what are the skills they are going to need so we, at STEM Action Center, can provide tools needed for development to educators to make sure those students move through STEM pathways into a STEM career hopefully here in Idaho. "

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