FIRST Robotics: Meet the Chickadees!

The Chickadees are an all girl team! (Abigail Taylor, KBOI)

FIRST Robotics teams across the globe learned on Saturday what the 2018 season will entail.

"I think it's more nerve wracking this year because it seems like the game is a lot more reliant on strategy," said Alexa Borden, Co-Captain for the Chickadees.

After hearing about this year's FIRST POWER UP challenge, the Chickadees got right to brainstorming how they will build and program a robot that will beat out the competition.

The Chickadees are an all girl team with students from schools all over the Treasure Valley. Their team is backed by Boise State University.

They believe their unique perspective gives them a leg up on the competition.

Their goal is to not only win, but to show other girls their potential to excel.

"A big part of FIRST is not only to have the team members learn, but also to go out to your community and teach others about STEM," said Sofia Edgar, Co-Captain of the Chickadees.

The Chickadees, like more than 3600 teams around the world, will spend the next six weeks working hard to prove that they have what it takes to be FIRST Robotics Champions!

KBOI 2News will be following the Chickadees as they progress throughout the 2018 season!

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