FIRST Robotics: Meet the Bullbots!

The Bullbots are the Treasure Valley's longest running team! (Abigail Taylor, KBOI)

FIRST Robotics teams across the globe learned on Saturday what the 2018 season will entail.

"It's not anything like I expected," said Tiffany Jensen, Mechanical Lead for the Bullbots. "I don't know what I expected it to be but it was not that!"

After hearing about this year's FIRST POWER UP challenge, the Bullbots got right to brainstorming how they will build and program a robot that will beat out the competition.

The Bullbots are the Treasure Valley's longest running team! They were established twelve years ago.

They believe their experience and teamwork will give them an edge on the competition.

"We like to work together as a team," said Tiffany Jensen. "[We] include everyone's ideas and make sure even the smallest ideas are heard, because sometimes even the smallest ideas can end up being the best!"

The Bullbots, like more than 3600 teams around the world, will spend the next six weeks working hard to prove that they have what it takes to be FIRST Robotics Champions!

KBOI 2News will be following the Bullbots as they progress throughout the 2018 season!

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