FIRST Robotics: Chickadees are up for the challenge!

The Chickadees are an all girl team with students from schools all over the Treasure Valley. Their team is backed by Boise State University (KBOI Staff).

The FIRST Robotics season is upon us! That means, right now, tens of thousands of kids from all around the globe are hard at work trying to build the best robot.

One of those teams, an all-girl group out of Boise, believes they have what it takes to be FIRST Robotics champions!

They call themselves The Chickadees.

"We're feeling really, super excited about the challenge," said Gabriella Daltoso, a Chickadees team member. "All of our designs are coming to life at this moment!"

All of our designs are coming to life at this moment!

Right now, the Chickadees are in the prototype phase of creating their robot.

"We've been able to wrap all of our ideas into one design that we can build and do every challenge," said Gabriella.

The girls say they've run into a few issues here and there, but they're always able to get right back on track!

"[This] being our third year, it's definitely easier to move along with ideas and also get the team going faster," said Sammi Ma, a Chickadees Team Member.

And with no time to waste before competition, a little speed is exactly what they need!

The Chickadees are one of six teams from Idaho in the competition.

They'll compete in Salt Lake City during the first weekend of March, as well as at the Taco Bell Arena in Boise during the last weekend of March.

KBOI 2News will be following the Bullbots as they progress throughout the season. Check back for updates!

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