FIRST Robotics: Bullbots move in on competition

The Bullbots are in the workshop nearly 20 hours a week (KBOI Staff).

The FIRST Robotics season is underway! That means, right now, thousands of teams around the world are working frantically to build the best robot.

Meanwhile, the longest-running team here in the Treasure Valley is moving in on their competition!

The Bullbots are in the workshop nearly 20 hours a week building and programming their robot.

They say as of now, their team is right on schedule! But, it wouldn't be FIRST Robotics without a few challenges here and there.

"In previous years we've always dealt with ball [challenges]," said Brennen Coulson, a Bullbots team member. "Now, we have to work around cubes. So, we've kind of been going back to previous years and seeing how we did it back then and how we can make an even better attachment that can grab [a] cube."

With a lot to do and little time left to do it, the Bullbots know they gotta move quick!

The Bullbots will compete in Salt Lake City during the first weekend of March, as well as at the Taco Bell Arena in Boise during the last weekend of March.

KBOI 2News will be following the Bullbots as they progress throughout the season. Check back for updates!

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