FIRST Robotics alumni: 'It teaches more than you expect'

This season teams are competing in the FIRST® POWER UPSM challenge (Abigail Taylor, KBOI)

Every year, thousands of teams from all over the world battle it out in FIRST Robotics — an intense six-week competition to build the best robot.

This season there are more than 3600 competing teams; six from Idaho.

As they all work feverishly to put the final touches on their robots, local alumni of the FIRST Robotics program say these kids are in for more than they even realize!

In FIRST Robotics, students are building much more than industrial-size robots — they're building life-long skills.

"These kids are going to go in expecting to learn about science, math, and engineering," said Justin Rueb, alumni of FIRST Team 1891 - The Bullbots. "They will learn all of that, but they are also going to learn so much more about teamwork, accomplishing goals, deadline setting, and anything else they will need to accomplish any project they are going to do for the rest of their careers."

"I remember it wasn’t necessarily the skills I took away from it," said Robin German, alumni of FIRST Team 1891 - The Bullbots. "[It's] more just the motivation and passion [from] being around a bunch of other students who really love engineering and solving problems. It really geared me and helped me feel ready for college in that way."

For Idaho's six robotics teams, this isn't just fun and games — it's a competition — and they're in it to win it!

KBOI 2News is following two local FIRST Robotics teams this season: the Bullbots and the Chickadees.

Next weekend, they're headed to a regional competition in Salt Lake City. We'll have full coverage of the event.

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